Flavours & Tastings


I’m not going to give you an endless list of confusing cake sponges and filling to try and mix and match. Rather indulge in our famous 6 flavours that everyone absolutely adores, or go beyond that and choose something more decadent


I can also create something completely bespoke for you – why not base your flavours on your favourite dessert or ingredient?

Our Famous 6….

V3 Vanilla

Vanilla buttermilk sponge soaked in Madagascan vanilla bean syrup, layered with an uber creamy vanilla custard butter frosting, covered in lashings of Swiss meringue buttercream

Zesty Lemon & Poppy

Our V3 vanilla sponge, but with added fresh lemon zest and poppy seeds folded into the sponge, all layered up with freshly made lemon curd and lime zest studded Swiss meringue buttercream. A firm favourite.

Good Old Carrot

A super moist carrot cake with loads of fresh orange zest, topped with a delicious cream cheese and fresh orange zest frosting

Red Velvet

Literally the best red velvet sponge slathered in red velvet crumb cream cheese frosting. More red than pure red itself – an all round favourite amongst cake lovers

Single Origin Coffee & Walnut

Single origin coffee laced sponge cake soaked in real coffee – straight up, frosted with coffee buttercream and crispy caramelised walnuts

Dark Chocolate

Our super dark – almost black cocoa sponge with Cocoafair 70% dark chocolate cocoa powder, drenched in vanilla syrup and layered with Cocoafair milk chocolate buttercream frosting.

Even More….

South African Fruit Cake

Soaked for 48 hours in karate water* and citrus zests. A modern and mouth watering take on that dreadful old fruit cake. *Karate water is a local slang word for brandy

Salted Caramel Popcorn

Caramel syrup soaked vanilla sponge, layered with brown sugar butter frosting, homemade slow cooked salted caramel and crushed caramelised popcorn

Pink Bubbly

Our V3 Vanilla sponge soaked in blush pink MCC syrup, layered with fresh raspberries and a fresh raspberry Swiss meringue buttercream

Fresh Coconut Cake

Real coconut, fresh from the coconut itself, grated and baked with a tonne of fresh lime zest, soaked in coconut milk syrup, sandwiched together with vanilla & lime zest buttercream

Chocolate & Raspberry

A mashup of our dark chocolate and red velvet sponges – alternated, soaked in raspberry syrup and filled with sweet but oh so tarty crushed raspberry Swiss meringue buttercream

Black Milk Stout & Chocolate Cake

A complex but balanced flavour of bitter and sweet combinations of Castle milk stout and dark chocolate, layered with sweet cream cheese frosting


Who doesn’t love cake and coffee?

We offer all our engaged couples a delicious tasting session where we provide 6 tasters of our most popular cake flavours and fillings – all served with a great cup of freshly brewed coffee.


We can also incorporate any other flavours and ideas that you require – or we can even come up with a bespoke flavour combination that is truly unique to your event.


Our tasting flavours include our V3 vanilla, zesty lemon & poppy, red velvet, dark chocolate, coffee and carrot cake.


Our tastings are offered at a small fee per couple, and this amount will be deducted from your final invoice once you book CRUMB as your baker. We can accommodate up to 6 people per tasting (for an additional fee), keeping in mind that the final decision will always come down to the couples choice. It’s your big day after all!


Our tastings take place at our home based HQ in Somerset West.

Please note that we are a by appoinment bakery only.   

Let Them Eat Cake