About Crumb

CRUMB was launched in 2010 in the UK. A favourite of the alternative and quirky bride, Anmar is a true ambassador of reflecting everything that you are about in a cake design that is unique to you and everything that you love.


Whilst in England CRUMB was also shortlisted nationally for the “Best wedding cake designer” accolade and also appeared on the list of the TOP 20 wedding cake bakers in the United Kingdom.


After many successful years in the UK, which included winning the accolade of “Best wedding cake designer in the East of England”, she moved back to South Africa relaunching CRUMB back at home.


CRUMB provides cakes and delicious baked treats all over the winelands, the mother city and even beyond.


Please note: CRUMB is a by appointment bakery only. Please contact us for an appointment or a delicious tasting session.

The Designer

Anmar is a professional chef, experienced pastry chef and cake decorator. Since graduating from the Institute of Culinary Arts in Stellenbosch in 2003 she has worked all over the world including Croatia, Italy, France, Switzerland, Malta, New Zealand and the UK, building up unique cooking experiences and knowledge along the way.


Apart from making gorgeous wedding cakes and wicked desserts, Anmar is also available for recipe and product development, food styling and offers private baking and cake decorating classes.


Anmar believes in the best quality ingredients, as locally sourced as possible – resulting in a beautiful product – always served with a quirk!

Kokkedoor 3

Kokkedoor is a highly popular Afrikaans reality cooking competition. Anmar was chosen as a contestant for the third season of Kokkedoor that aired on kykNET from July 2019.


The main focus of Kokkedoor is to highlight the nostalgia, diversity and absolute deliciousness around traditional South African cooking with emphasis on Afrikaans food culture. South Africa is a country drenched in cultural diversity and with that comes a foodie culture of note. In the competition professional chefs are teamed up with incredible home cooks and the aim is to find the best overall team of 2. Each episode has a different theme, and during the show some of the most incredible locations are visited. Each week a team gets voted off – with the last team taking home the coveted KOKKEDOOR title.

Anmar made it through every challenge and into the final, and walked away as the runner up in the competition.