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Wedding Cakes

Creating Your Dream Cake

Creating the perfect wedding cake is fun and very exciting and is easily obtainable


Inspiration is key. Send me everything you’ve got – the more the better. Inspiration can come from everywhere. Create a Pinterest board and add me to your board, email me any photos that you might have of cakes that you love – or just drop me an email with all the details of your big day. We can match the cake to your wedding bouquet, to your dress, to your invites – the options really are endless. There is also no rule that says everything has to match! Once I have all these details I can create a design based on all the wonderful inspiration we have collected. At this stage we can meet up and discuss the design in depth, or email is perfectly fine too. If you are not sure about flavours I can help you choose or I can create a little taster cake of the flavour you are interested in to taste. Let’s meet for coffee and cake!

Now that I know exactly what you want we can finalise the design and sort out the finer details. A 50% deposit secures the date in my diary. I will be in contact two weeks before the event to confirm any last minute details and note any last minute alterations. I will personally deliver and set up your cake on the day of the event, making sure that it is perfect and exactly as we envisioned.



I pride myself on the great taste and exceptionally high quality of my cakes. As a pastry chef with 15 years experience in the industry I always provide the best of the best – starting from the inside out.

Your cake should not only look amazing, but should also be the best cake you’ve ever tasted.

I use top quality ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible. All the eggs I bake with are delivered straight from Usana farm in Stellenbosch and we source all our incredible chocolate from Cocoa Fair in Cape Town.

I like to work with my clients you to come up with a unique combination of flavours for their cake.

I will never say no to developing a flavour to your own specifications and I love using treasured family recipes to make your cake extra special.

Our Tasting Range Includes:


Vanilla sponge soaked in cane sugar syrup with real vanilla pod butter frosting and homemade berry preserve

Lemon zest and poppy sponge layered with homemade lemon curd and zesty lime buttercream

Dense milk stout cake with dark chocolate truffle ganache

Super red velvet cake with cheesecake frostingย 

Tropical coconut cake soaked in granadilla syrup with coconut milk icing

Extra black coffee sponge with espresso buttercream and toasted walnuts

Carrot and nectarine cake with orange zest cream cheese frosting

12 variety aged fruit cake soaked in brandy syrup covered in homemade Amanteco almond marzipan and sweet icing

Please note that a 50% deposit is required to confirm your date in my diary. This deposit needs to be paid within one calendar month from the date the design was finalised and the invoice received otherwise the date will be reopen for another client. 100% of the balance needs to paid in full two weeks (14 days) prior to the event otherwise your cake will be cancelled and we will keep the 50% deposit.