Crumb Cakes | Mother City Meringues
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Mother City Meringues

Meringues, Macarons, Marshmallows & More!

When we are not baking beautiful cakes you are most likely to find us in the bakery making the cutest meringue kisses, macarons and marshmallows in the mother city.

Mother City Meringues is the sister business to Crumb, specialising in high end sweet treats made with locally sourced, best quality ingredients that we can get our hands on.

We are also the first and only bakery in Cape Town specialising in vegan meringues and we also make 100% vegan macarons and marshmallows too!

Our vegan range is made with “aquafaba”, the liquid that is strained off from tinned chickpeas… yes – the brine that you throw down the drain! The proteins released by the chickpeas in the boiling process mirrors the structure of egg whites and can be used in many baking recipes. It truly is a miracle product.


Please contact us for any special orders – we love creating custom flavours and designs